More Website Updates!

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Hey Everyone, I’ve finally had the time to update The Great Canadian Grocery Chart with all of the suggestions I’ve received over the past few weeks! Feel free to take a look! There is now a Major Independents section that lists the ownership structure of Giant Tiger and The North-West Company, two of Canada’s major … Read More

Website Updates!

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Hello all, I’ve recently updated! Here’s what has changed: Thank you for visiting!

The Shopping Bin Reference Sheet

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For your information, here is a chart of all the shopping bins, that I know of, currently for sale in Canada! It will be continuously updated as I come across new bins. Bin Price Reference Link PC Green® Box $7.00 Reusable Grocery Green Bin | ZehrsPC GREEN Box With Strap | ( Real Canadian … Read More

Every banner owned by Loblaw (that I can think of)

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Loblaw Companies Ltd Logo

Loblaw is one of the largest grocery store companies in Canada, with a mess of current and former banners. Here is a list of all the different banners they have (and have had) to the best of my knowledge. Current Banners Banner Territory Notes Loblaws Greater Toronto Area, Eastern Ontario, London Most Loblaws stores have … Read More

Bins! Bins! Bins!

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Re-usable shopping bags suck, I’m sorry but they just suck. They’re hard to pack (constantly flopping around) and difficult to clean (most are made of a absorbent fabric which requires periodic trips to the washing machine). I don’t like paying for plastic shopping bags (nor dealing with the waste they produce) so what do I … Read More

Student Discounts – Kitchener, Waterloo, Guelph

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Here is a list of various student discounts I have found in the region: Kitchener-Waterloo Grocery Stores Bulk Barn 10% off your purchase every Wednesday when you present your student card (includes High School, University, and College students). Sobeys Bridgeport 10% off groceries every Tuesday when you scan your AirMiles card and present your student … Read More

Dollar Store Review

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Oh boy time for another store review! This time I’m reviewing Canada’s major dollar store chains, since if there’s one thing I like (beyond shopping bins) it’s cheap plastic! Now of course, due to that pesky inflation, none of these chains are true dollar stores anymore. Each of these chains sell most of their wares … Read More

New bin alert!!

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I was at Walmart in Guelph the other day and I noticed a new Walmart bin. Originally I thought “oh it’s probably just another InStore Corp Greenbox® with a white Walmart decal.” However, upon further inspection, it appears to be a completely new bin from a new company, NOVO plastics. NOVO Plastics Inc. is a … Read More

Bin Alert: New Walmart Shopping Bins!

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Walmart has recently introduced a black version of their shopping bin! Its the same kind of bin as Walmart’s blue one (an InStore Corp Greenbox®) just in a different colour. This is the first black Greenbox® I’ve found. I don’t think InStore has made a black version of their bins before. Regardless, it’s nice to … Read More

Bin Update!

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Hey all, just wanted to give everyone an update on the current shopping bin situation. If you’re not sure what a shopping bin is, it’s basically a plastic box made by InStore Products Limited. Most people are familiar with the PC GREEN Box version of this product, but now other stores are selling their own … Read More