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Hey all, just wanted to give everyone an update on the current shopping bin situation. If you’re not sure what a shopping bin is, it’s basically a plastic box made by InStore Products Limited. Most people are familiar with the PC GREEN Box version of this product, but now other stores are selling their own version of the bin in a wide array of colours!

The *NEW* Home Depot Bin

Just like RONA, The Home Depot has gotten into the bin game with their own line of shopping bins. Like their iconic orange bucket, The Home Depot offers their bins in orange,

Source: The Home Depot

and (unlike the bucket) in grey!

Source: The Home Depot

Unfortunately, when it comes to cost, these Home Depot bins are the most expensive ones I’ve seen yet, costing $6.97 each! That’s a whole dollar more expensive than the comparable Walmart bin (which is $5.97):

Walmart reusable shopping bins, on display at the Woolawn Walmart in Guelph Ontario (January 2022).

The Bin Reference Sheet

Want to know more about bins? Visit for a list of all shopping bins currently for sale in Canada.


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