The Shopping Bin Reference Sheet

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For your information, here is a chart of all the shopping bins, that I know of, currently for sale in Canada!

It will be continuously updated as I come across new bins.

BinPriceReference Link

PC GreenĀ® Box
$7.00Reusable Grocery Green Bin | Zehrs
PC GREEN Box With Strap | (

Real Canadian Superstore
$6.00Reusable Grocery Superstore Bin | Real Canadian Superstore
UPC: 0-58703-67642-8

No Frills
$6.00Reusable Grocery No Frills Bin | No Frills Online
UPC: 0-58703-67625-1

$6.00Reusable Grocery Maxi Bin | Maxi

$6.00UPC: 7-75153-40224-6

CHALO! FreshCo
$6.00UPC: 7-75153-40231-4

$6.77UPC: 7-75153-01145-5

The Home Depot
$6.97The Home Depot HD Large Reusable Box | The Home Depot Canada

The Home Depot
$6.97The Home Depot HD Reusable Box – Grey | The Home Depot Canada

KMS Parts Bin
$7.99KMS Parts Bin (

$6.99Save-On-Foods – SOF Green Shopping Bin (

$14.99RONA Carrying Bin with Handles – Handy Bin – 35L – Black/Green | RONA
UPC: 4-02002-05158-3
Prices indicated here are for stores in Ontario (excluding Maxi which is the price for Quebec, KMS, Save-On-Foods which is the price for BC). Prices may vary. Check with your local store for pricing and stock information.

Pricing History

For future reference, here is the pricing history for the bins listed above.

BinJanuary 2022March 2022April 2022
PC GreenĀ® Box$5.99$7.00
Real Canadian Superstore$5.00$6.00
No Frills$5.00$6.00
CHALO! FreshCo$6.00*
The Home Depot$6.97
KMS Parts Bin$7.99
* Denotes price seen in store. All other prices listed were sourced from the retailer’s website for the specific time frame.
All prices listed are non-promotional.


  • Images of PC, RCSS, No Frills, Maxi bins courtesy of Loblaw Companies Limited.
  • Images of Home Depot bins courtesy of Home Depot International, Inc.
  • Image of KMS parts bin courtesy of KMS Tools.
  • Image of Save-On-Foods bin courtesy of Save-On-Foods (Jim Pattison Group)
  • All other images are my own.

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