The Shopping Bin Reference Sheet

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For your information, here is a chart of all the shopping bins, that I know of, currently for sale in Canada!

It will be continuously updated as I come across new bins.

BinPriceReference Link

PC Green® Box
$7.00Reusable Grocery Green Bin | Zehrs
PC GREEN Box With Strap | (

Real Canadian Superstore
$6.00Reusable Grocery Superstore Bin | Real Canadian Superstore
UPC: 0-58703-67642-8

No Frills
$6.00Reusable Grocery No Frills Bin | No Frills Online
UPC: 0-58703-67625-1

$6.00Reusable Grocery Maxi Bin | Maxi

$6.00UPC: 7-75153-40224-6

CHALO! FreshCo
$6.00UPC: 7-75153-40231-4

$6.77UPC: 7-75153-01145-5

Walmart (Black)
$6.77UPC: 7-75153-01145-5

Walmart (NOVO)
$6.77UPC: 1-9685253457-9

The Home Depot
$6.97The Home Depot HD Large Reusable Box | The Home Depot Canada

The Home Depot
$6.97The Home Depot HD Reusable Box – Grey | The Home Depot Canada

KMS Parts Bin
$7.99KMS Parts Bin (

$6.99Save-On-Foods – SOF Green Shopping Bin (
Co-Op Bin
$5.99?Note: I cannot find a listing for this bin online. The only price I could find for this bin was $5.99/each from 2021. Prices have likely increased since then. [source]

$16.99RONA Carrying Bin with Handles – Handy Bin – 35L – Black/Green | RONA
UPC: 4-02002-05158-3
Prices indicated here are for stores in Ontario (excluding Maxi which is the price for Quebec, KMS, Save-On-Foods which is the price for BC, CO-OP which is the price in Manitoba). Prices may vary. Check with your local store for pricing and stock information.

Pricing History

For future reference, here is the pricing history for the bins listed above.

BinApril 2021January 2022March 2022April 2022June 2022
PC Green® Box$5.99$7.00
Real Canadian Superstore$5.00$6.00
No Frills$5.00$6.00
CHALO! FreshCo$6.00*
The Home Depot$6.97
KMS Parts Bin$7.99
* Denotes price seen in store. All other prices listed were sourced from the retailer’s website or social media presence for the specific time frame.
All prices listed are non-promotional.


  • Images of PC, RCSS, No Frills, Maxi bins courtesy of Loblaw Companies Limited.
  • Images of Home Depot bins courtesy of Home Depot International, Inc.
  • Image of KMS parts bin courtesy of KMS Tools.
  • Image of Save-On-Foods bin courtesy of Save-On-Foods (Jim Pattison Group).
  • Image of CO-OP bin courtesy of Twin Valley CO-OP Ltd.
  • All other images are my own.
  • Hi Jacob, one more for the list! I saw a red bin in a background picture in my local co-op grocery store flyer last night for the first time. There is not much info about them online, but they had these “totes” in store when I went today for $6.49. These are available through Federated Co-operative stores in Western Canada, and seem to have been out for at least 6 months or more About all I could find online was this:

    • Hey there Mark, thank you for this information!

      I’m based in Ontario, so unfortunately I can’t easily get a CO-OP bin for myself, however I will do some further research and update my post.

      Once again thank you for the help :). Based on the bin’s design it appears that the CO-OP has commissioned bins from InStore Corp.

  • Hey Jacob, I live in the States just south of Vancouver BC and your website turned me on to the Greenbox bins. I saw on InStore’s website that they are releasing “Greenbox home” bins with special lids designed to fit the Greenboxes. Have you seen any lids in your part of Canada?

    • Hi Raymond,

      Thanks for the information! I didn’t know that InStore was planning on relaunching the “home” line of their Greenboxes! The company actually used to sell Greenboxes for use as in-home storage containers in the early-2000s but discontinued this product line by the mid-2000s.

      As for lids, I haven’t noticed any store here in Ontario that sells them. Loblaw used to list Greenbox lids on the President’s Choice website, but said listing has since been removed.

      I haven’t seen the Greenbox Home line of bins for sale here in Canada yet. It’s possible that InStore hasn’t launched this product line yet since on their website they say it won’t be launched until “mid-2023.” It’s possible that they’ve come across some manufacturing delays which have pushed back the release date. Regardless, I’m really looking forward to getting a Greenbox Home bin and lid once they’re released! I’ll keep an eye out for lids and report back on my website if I find any! 🙂

  • This list is terrific, thanks for such an organized and comprehensive list. Happy to see there are others that love these bins as much as I do. I spent a small fortune years ago on some Thirty One bags but these are so much easier to clean and store. I purposely bought bins from different stores for the colour variety (I have Superstore, FreshCo, Walmart, No Frills and Sobeys)!

    • Thank you :). I pride myself in keeping an accurate and comprehensive list of shopping bins and I’m happy to hear you feel the same. I am also happy to hear that we share the same opinion of bins over bags.

      I think, if you’re not looking for consistency, that what you’ve done by purchasing a different type of bin from each retailer is a great idea. While most InStore greenboxes have the same form factor, the wide array of colours used by different retailers allows for a pretty cool collection. The colour variety is very nice and since each bin is the same size, they will all fit in each other for storage.

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