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I was at Walmart in Guelph the other day and I noticed a new Walmart bin. Originally I thought “oh it’s probably just another InStore Corp Greenbox┬« with a white Walmart decal.” However, upon further inspection, it appears to be a completely new bin from a new company, NOVO plastics.

The NOVO Plastics logo, as seen on the bottom of the bin.

NOVO Plastics Inc. is a company based out of Markham Ontario. They make a wide array of plastic products mainly for commercial purposes. This is their first foray into the consumer bin market with their take on the iconic Greenbox®.

Of course, once I saw that another company was making bins, I bought one immediately.

Design wise the NOVO bin is similar to the InStore Greenbox┬«. It features fabric straps to carry the bin with, handles on the sides, and dimples at the base of the bin to give it the design seen here. The bin is tapered so that it’s stackable. The sides of the bin feature the logo of the store that sells it. The bins are also made in Canada.

The product’s location of manufacture as stamped on the bottom of the bin.

Compared to the InStore Greenbox┬«, the NOVO bin has largely the same dimensions and feels to be good quality, slightly more rigid than a Greenbox┬«. It holds the same amount of groceries and is about the same length, width, and height as a Greenbox┬«. It has shorter straps than a Greenbox┬« and unfortunately you can’t stack the NOVO bin with other Greenboxes.

But enough with the talk, let’s see some pictures I took of the NOVO bin compared to a black, InStore Greenbox┬« that Walmart also sells.

If you want this bin it’s available at select Walmart locations in Canada for the same price as their Greenboxes┬« $6.77 each. I’m not sure if Walmart will switch completely to NOVO, or will continue to sell both InStore Greenboxes┬« and this bin. Regardless, it’s exciting to see another company enter this market!


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