Bin Alert: New Walmart Shopping Bins!

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Walmart has recently introduced a black version of their shopping bin! Its the same kind of bin as Walmart’s blue one (an InStore Corp Greenbox®) just in a different colour. This is the first black Greenbox® I’ve found. I don’t think InStore has made a black version of their bins before. Regardless, it’s nice to … Read More

Bin Update – The Walmart Bins are Back!

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I was at the Woodlawn Walmart in Guelph a few days ago, and I noticed, at the front near the self-checkouts, that the once missing Walmart Bins are back! Based on what I saw they are identical to the older Walmart bins the company used to sell before 2019 when they mysteriously disappeared. Same shade … Read More

Walmart Review – KW & Guelph

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I have limited money, the joys of being a student, so Walmart is usually my store of choice when I need to get anything. Food, housewares, electronics, soap, whatever you need they’ll probably have it. I live pretty close to a Walmart and I’ve shopped at a bunch in KW and Guelph so I thought … Read More