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FreshCo has launched their own shopping bin. Like the bins from President’s Choice, Superstore, No Frills, and Walmart (see post) these bins are made by InStore Products Ltd and feature their standard greenbox design. However this time around the bins are fluorescent green with a FreshCo logo on the side.

Image credit: Kildonan FreshCo
Image credit: Kildonan FreshCo

At my local FreshCo I saw a few other customers with these bins but unfortunately none for sale. I hope they return soon so that I can snatch a few up for my collection. Once I get these bins I’ll be sure to post pictures of them here as an update 😁.

Expect more stores to follow FreshCo in the future as the federal government’s ban on plastic shopping bags comes into force. Sobeys (the owner of FreshCo) has been ahead of the curve on this matter as they have already removed plastic bags from most of their banners. FreshCo just recently removed plastic bags and it appears that the introduction of these bins is part of this plan. FreshCo also bought new shopping carts for all of their stores, the 4BB1, which these bins fit in (although I still prefer their old carts).

Keep your eyes peeled for these bins!


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