More Bins! – Chalo! FreshCo

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I took a trip to Brampton today and I got a new bin! This time a purple one from Chalo! FreshCo. If you’ve never heard of Chalo! FreshCo, it’s like FreshCo but with an extended product line, featuring items targeted towards the South Asian community. There aren’t many Chalo! FreshCo locations, although recently a few popped up in Western Canada including one in Edmonton.

Unfortunately, these bins (including the lime green FreshCo bins) have gone up in price since they were released, they are now $6 each versus $5 each earlier this year, a 20% increase >:(. In fact FreshCo’s bins are now (technically) the most expensive version of this bin, beating out the PC Greenbox which is one cent cheaper, and completely missing the mark from their competitors.

Oh well, here are some shots of the newest addition to my collection!


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