Pizza Review – Kitchener Waterloo

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I like pizza, like I really, really like pizza. Because of this I usually take out pizza all the time. Here is a list of my pizza restaurant preferences from good (1) to bad (1+n) in KW.

  1. Famoso Neapolitan Pizzeria (Uptown) – Stone baked hand made pizza. Good flavour and quality, it costs more than your standard pizza joint but you’re making up for this with quality.
  2. Bianca’s Pizza (King & Columbia – Waterloo) – Great sauce, thicc crust, good flavour, and if you like a bit of char on your cheese this is the place. Takeout is very affordable, they charge about the same as most chain pizza places (even though they aren’t a chain).
  3. Topper’s Pizza (Chain) – Expensive for chain pizza but the crust is great, tastes fresh and doughy. Plus the garlic bread is great. Would recommend if you can get a deal. Sucks that the only location in KW is in Kitchener though.
  4. Twice the Deal Pizza (Chain) – For the price the quality is good, standard chain pizza fare, free dip with pizza, not bad if you want value.
  5. Domino’s Pizza (Chain but most purchases from University Ave location) – Good crust, sauce is OK, but not the best. I wouldn’t but this pizza at full price since it’s a bit too expensive but if they’re having a 50% off sale go for it.
  6. Pizza Pizza (Chain, all the same pretty much) – For cheap pizza late at night this is your place. Most locations are open very late (2 – 3am) and the quality is good for the price. I don’t mind the sauce but the crust is meh. Tastes best when slightly cold. The half moon cheesy bread is awesome tho, 1000+ calories per moon so don’t eat too much of it (if you can 😉 ).
  7. Pizza Hut (Weber St. Waterloo – near Walmart) – It’s basically what pizza would be if it was made by Americans. Greasy, fattening, tastes off, and they (for some reason) spray the pizza after they cook it with this garlic spray that makes the crust golden. That spray can’t be healthy, comes in the food equivalent of a spray paint can. The crust tastes kinda plastic and it’s expensive. Not worth it.
  8. Little Caesars (Chain, all locations are the same) – It’s cheap pizza, nothing more, nothing less. Hot and ready is convenient if you hate waiting but don’t wait to eat the pizza, the crust tastes stale after a day. The crazy bread tho is a whole different level of addicting, beware you’ll add a kilo to your waist in no time.
  9. Gino’s Pizza (Bridgeport Waterloo) – The sauce sucks, I’m sorry but it just sucks. Tastes weird, almost sweet, usually I prefer a bit of spice with my sauce, not sweet. The dough is OK but nothing more, at times you get a bit of that yeast dough taste but most of the time you get nothing, no flavour, just the texture of B L A N D. Oh and they say they take AMEX but they don’t take AMEX which is annoying.

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