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Walmart, it’s a place to buy things and nothing more

I have limited money, the joys of being a student, so Walmart is usually my store of choice when I need to get anything. Food, housewares, electronics, soap, whatever you need they’ll probably have it. I live pretty close to a Walmart and I’ve shopped at a bunch in KW and Guelph so I thought I’d review some stores.

Here are my favourite Walmart stores with 1 being the best and 1+n being the worst

  1. Stone Road Walmart (Guelph) – Probably my favourite Walmart in the region. The cleanest, organized, and fully stocked store. It’s a newer store so it has the new Walmart design which is a pleasure to shop in (in fact this location was the first Walmart to trial the new design). The store has gotten a bit worse (when it first opened it was nearly perfect) but it’s still the best.
  2. Woodlawn Walmart (Guelph) – A close runner up to the Stone Road Walmart. This store is huge, a complete supercentre. It was just renovated so it has the new Walmart interior and exterior (and with that comes more blue). Most stuff is in stock and it’s somewhat organized but worse than Stone Road. Overall a good store.
  3. Sunrise Walmart (Kitchener) – A larger full fledged supercentre. It’s one of the few stores Walmart has recently renovated so it has their new interior style (detailed here) which I myself really enjoy. The store is neat and organized and has plenty of stock. Definitely a great place to shop.
  4. Walmart Stanley Park (Kitchener) – A cute little Walmart. Unlike most this isn’t a supercentre so they don’t sell any produce, but they do sell dairy products and self stable items. Very well organized and no self checkouts, which is nice. It’s a former KMart/Zellers so you see a lot of remnants from that era which brings back good vibes.
  5. Bridgeport Walmart (Waterloo) – My closest Walmart and probably the most mediocre store. I like it for convenience, the store is open late (11pm), and they sell food. Beyond this however, the store kind of sucks, stock is limited, the place is constantly a mess, and if you need an item it’s probably not going to be there. I’d shop elsewhere but I have no other choice really, oh and there is a sea of self checkouts and almost no traditional cashiers and the floor is coming up. On a positive, the store is starting to improve their stock and organizational issues so keep up the good work!
  6. St. Jacob’s Walmart (St. Jacob’s / Waterloo) – When you come to the store you’d think that the place is huge, but the exterior is deceiving, on the inside there isn’t much. I would describe the store as meh at best, not worth the drive at worst. When I went there I was expecting more selection and items in stock but for the most part it was like Bridgeport, out of stock and a mess, plus they push the damn Mastercard on you here. When talking with my friends about this Walmart I describe it in one line: “It’s like the Bridgeport Walmart but further away.”
  7. Boardwalk Walmart – Before I review this store, can someone please tell me why this strip mall is called the Boardwalk? There’s no lake or anything and boardwalks are usually near water. Whatever, this store sucks. It’s big but there’s rarely things in stock, it’s messy and not worth the drive. Plus they’re really pushing the whole self checkout thing here, including the whole scanning and paying for items as you put them into your cart. However, unlike other trials of this self scanning stuff Walmart doesn’t supply you with a scanning unit, you have to use your own phone. So not only am I supplying Walmart with free labour but I’m also supplying my own cash register? What the hell?
  8. Fairway Walmart (Kitchener) – The worst Walmart in the region hands down, right at FairwayFairviewFairMall. It’s not a supercentre, it’s old, like really old (the interior dates to around 2006) and it’s messy. Just like the rest of the mall it sucks and shopping there makes me depressed.

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