Bin Update – The Walmart Bins are Back!

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I was at the Woodlawn Walmart in Guelph a few days ago, and I noticed, at the front near the self-checkouts, that the once missing Walmart Bins are back! Based on what I saw they are identical to the older Walmart bins the company used to sell before 2019 when they mysteriously disappeared. Same shade of dark blue, same logo on the side. Although the price has gone up since then. These bins used to cost $5 each but now they’re $6 each 😥. As if the inflation over the past two years wasn’t bad enough, it’s hit the bins too!

If you don’t mind what’s stamped on the side of these bins, Real Canadian Superstore still sells their blue bins for $5.

As for why Walmart has decided to bring these bins back, I think it has to do with the planned ban on plastic bags imposed by the federal government. It was supposed to come into effect this January 2022, but the snap federal election and COVID-19 have seemed to push it back to sometime around mid-2022 (July 1st perhaps?). Regardless, as plastic bags are phased out across the country expect more Walmart locations to begin stocking these bins once more. In fact, this Walmart location (and the other Walmart in Guelph on Stone Road) were two of ten locations to trial a plastic bag free environment. Walmart, says they will eliminate plastic shopping bags at all their locations by Earth Day 2022.


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