The Kool Bag™: A Thermal Tote for Bins!

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Please note: While I did not receive financial compensation for this review, the manufacturer of this product did reach out to me and supplied a sample bag free of cost. While I was provided the bag for free and did agree to do a review, all opinions stated here are my own.

Shopping bins are great, they’re sturdy, easy to pack, and can hold a ton of product. When shopping, I prefer to use bins over reusable bags. I don’t have to fuss around with floppy bags, and when it comes to cleaning, a bin can be wiped clean while a bag requires a trip to the washing machine. Not to mention bins are way more durable than bags, lasting many years longer than the 2 year industry standard lifespan of reusable bags. Plus if you shop at a Loblaw owned store with the 5BB7 shopping cart shopping bins fit the cart easily, with convenient hooks on the back that can be used to secure two bins to the cart.

However, shopping bins do lack in one area, they can’t keep hot foods hot and cold foods cold. At the end of the day shopping bins are just bins. They don’t have a lid, and they have limited thermal capabilities. So if you’re like me and want to keep your foods hot or cold, you have to reach for a traditional thermal reusable bag, complete with all its downsides.

The Kool Bag™ Saves the Day!

In comes The Kool Bag Company, based out of Ottawa, they have designed a thermal bag that fits snugly inside standard shopping bins (better known as the PC® Greenbox). Providing all the benefits of both bins and thermal bags!

My bag arrived in a few business days from Ottawa, shipping was fast! Inside there was the bag and some promotional flyers.

The flyers themselves spelled out the benefits and features of The Kool Bag™:

  • It’s large, fits in a standard PC® Greenbox.
  • It’s strong.
  • Easy to wipe clean.
  • Ideal for shopping, picnic, or cottage.

Features, which I must say this bag delivers on:

  • The thermal insulation is fairly thick. I definitely see the bag keeping its goods cool for the advertised 5 hours with two of those freezer packs you can get from the store.
  • The zipper around the perimeter of the bag is excellent, it moves with ease, rarely snagging (snagging, which I find is often a problem with other thermal bags).
    • The zipper also includes tassels to make opening and closing the bag easy. Perfect for people with limited mobility.
  • The handles are long.
  • The bag fits perfectly in any Greenbox®.
  • The bag has an excellent construction, with strong stitching, a wipeable interior, and a small clear notch on the top to make opening the bag easier.

But don’t just take my word for it, here are some pictures I took of the bag:

I also love how The Kool Bag™ stands itself up so that you can use it outside of a Greenbox®. Perfect for those people who just want a thermal bag.

So if you want a high quality, strong, thermal bag that can be easily placed in a Greenbox® look no further than The Kool Bag™. I highly recommend it.

You can purchase The Kool Bag™ directly from 10% of all profits are donated to the Ottawa Food Bank. So you don’t just get a good bag, you also get to support a worthy cause.

But until next time, I guess I’ll be shopping, with a new bag 😋.

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