Binflation >:(

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I was at Walmart this week at noticed a big change to their bin display:

That change being the price. These Walmart bins used to cost $5.97 each, on par with the cost of bins at both Loblaw (the PC Green® Box sells for $5.99) and FreshCo ($6.00) stores. However, sometime in March of this year the price of these bins spiked 13%! Going up to $6.77 each, which puts Walmart’s bins (in terms of price) at the high end of the pack with The Home Depot.

And this wasn’t the first price increase, Walmart’s bins were $4.97 each back in 2019. This means that since 2019 the price of these bins has gone up a whopping 36%! That’s an average increase of 12% year over year!

Given this steep price increase, I would recommend buying your shopping bins at No Frills or RCSS. Their bins are still $5.00 a piece with PC Optimum promos run periodically. This lets you save money not just in terms of price, but also in the form of redeemable loyalty points. Plus the bins are the same anyways. They’re all made by InStore to the same standards, it’s just the stamp on the side that differs.

A sample, bin promo from an old RCSS flyer (February 2022).
Promos like this run periodically at both RCSS and No Frills stores.

This makes me wonder how long it will be before Loblaw increases the price of their bins. The last time the price of their PC Green® Box went up was in 2017, and when you take into account rising inflation across the grocery sector, and higher oil prices, it won’t be long until Loblaw makes their bins more expensive too.

Just another instance of the crazy inflation we’ve seen over the past two years. Gas prices are nearing $2.00 a litre and milk went up 15% last month. Don’t get me started on the price of housing. With how much prices keep going up and how little wages increase to compensate, I do not know how the average Canadian is coping. Something has got to change, we’ll see what that change is.


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