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I’ve added a new page to my website called /img/. Here, I will post various pictures that I find interesting (mainly of grocery stores and bins).

Pizza Review – Grocery Stores

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It may be a sin to some but I actually do eat grocery store pizza, often in fact. When I’m talking about grocery store pizza however, I’m not referring to the standard store bought frozen pizza. Instead I’m referring to the ready made or take and bake pizza that you often see in the home … Read More

Cart Coins

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Like people nowadays, I don’t carry cash or coins on me. Most of the time this isn’t an issue as nearly everywhere takes credit cards or Interac now. But there is still one place where you need coins and that’s when getting shopping carts. Now most chains in Canada don’t have coin deposits for their … Read More


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No Name actually made mugs once, who knew!?

Bins! Bins! Bins!

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Re-usable shopping bags suck, I’m sorry but they just suck. They’re hard to pack (constantly flopping around) and difficult to clean (most are made of a absorbent fabric which requires periodic trips to the washing machine). I don’t like paying for plastic shopping bags (nor dealing with the waste they produce) so what do I … Read More

Student Discounts – Kitchener, Waterloo, Guelph

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Here is a list of various student discounts I have found in the region: Kitchener-Waterloo Grocery Stores Bulk Barn 10% off your purchase every Wednesday when you present your student card (includes High School, University, and College students). Sobeys Bridgeport 10% off groceries every Tuesday when you scan your AirMiles card and present your student … Read More

Walmart Review – KW & Guelph

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I have limited money, the joys of being a student, so Walmart is usually my store of choice when I need to get anything. Food, housewares, electronics, soap, whatever you need they’ll probably have it. I live pretty close to a Walmart and I’ve shopped at a bunch in KW and Guelph so I thought … Read More

Pizza Review – Kitchener Waterloo

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I like pizza, like I really, really like pizza. Because of this I usually take out pizza all the time. Here is a list of my pizza restaurant preferences from good (1) to bad (1+n) in KW. Famoso Neapolitan Pizzeria (Uptown) – Stone baked hand made pizza. Good flavour and quality, it costs more than … Read More

Hello world!

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Welcome to my new website. I’ve changed web hosts and with that comes a new look. This website is much more simplistic than my previous one, mainly because I enjoy stuff like that. Why be complex when you can be simple? This website is still hosted using the WordPress CMS though.